Blogger, Baker, Candlestick maker…

It is a constant source of amusement to my friends that I cannot leave the house without a humongous amount of stuff.

I am notorious for turning up to restaurants and bars at the end of a long day, red faced and out of breath with what seems like all my worldly possessions stuffed into various totes and holdalls, dumping them on the ground with a loud crash and a somewhat unladylike ‘URGH’ before collapsing dramatically into a chair and asking for a large G&T.

As a new-business-starter-upper (that’s the official term, by the way) I am constantly on the move sourcing ingredients, doing research, meeting new people and making connections. I also spend a lot of time in coffee shops with my laptop (I know, I know- could I be any more of a cliche?) working on social media updates, the website, advertising and…the most BORING but important thing of all…the accounts.

Once I’ve left the house, that’s it for the day- I don’t want to waste my time going back and forth, dropping things off, picking things up and generally just faffing around (I do enough of that in my free time- I am the Queen Bee of faffers). So that’s why I usually look like some kind of overloaded donkey or camel, setting off on a long journey across the Sahara, or in my case, South West London. It does occur to me occasionally that it is somewhat unnecessary and ungraceful to be carting around so much stuff, but I have come to accept that I am destined to a life of back ache and laboured walking.

So on Saturday I found myself once again encumbered by numerous bags and boxes, travelling to Bumpkin in South Kensington for a bloggers’ bake sale. I found out about it through The Londoner: a fantastic blog written by the lovely Rosie about her adventures and living the ultimate London lifestyle. Rosie had organised this bake sale in order to get other bloggers who love baking together to chat, share our cakes and stuff our faces, whilst also raising money for Save the Children and Shelter in the process.

bakesale table

All the beautiful cakes and bakes made by the other bloggers

Not wanting to be that person standing in the corner alone (we’ve all been there: awkwardly sipping a drink by ourselves, but styling it out by appearing to be Very Busy on our phones whilst secretly praying someone- ANYONE- er….except that weirdo over there…- would come over and talk to us. I know you know what I’m talking about) I dragged along three of my friends for moral support

.bake sale table 2


Without the pressure of a paying client to deal with, I was free to experiment with my baking and try out a couple of ideas. Taking to the Bee’s kitchen, I opted to make creme egg cookies and strawberry daiquiri cupcakes. After standing and staring into the oven moronically for ten minutes, I caught the cookies at the perfect moment: just as the edges were beginning to crisp, but with still enough molten goo left in the middle to make them deliciously decadent.

Mmmm. Cookie heaven.


Squidge. Isn’t that such a great word? Squidge. Squuiiidgge…

I then got going on creating the great summery taste of the daiquiri in a cupcake- getting the ratio of rum, strawberry and lime just so. For me, taste is everything: what’s the point of a great looking bake if what’s on the inside isn’t up to par? … It’s a lot like when you meet someone, don’t you think?


Stiff peaks.

Anyway. I’m digressing, as usual.

So the bake sale was great- the perfect Saturday afternoon. I got the opportunity to chat and eat (my two favourite pastimes). It was also a great way to network, which I know sounds vaguely lame and Apprentice-ish, but which is a necessary skill and great way to get a new business out of the corner with it’s drink and into the middle of the room… So to speak.

If I start wearing dodgy pinstriped trouser suits and saying things like, ‘everything I touch turns to sold’ and ‘I’m willing to give this one hundred and ten percent, Lord Sugar’ then you can pull me up on it. Although I would like to know how they all fit three months’ worth of stuff into those suspiciously small suitcases…

I’m not sure how much was raised for charity in the end, but I am sure the generosity of everyone there will have made it worthwhile.

Now where did I put all my bags?

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7 thoughts on “Blogger, Baker, Candlestick maker…

  1. Bianca, this is brilliant writing and a brilliant read, very Julia Julia. Really pleased for you, good luck and all the best!

  2. This is wonderful Bee! Love your style and love that you love baking so much, my mum would be so proud! Looking forward to reading more. Wishing you lots and lots of luck!! xx

      • Ummmm no, it was the birthday cake me and laura made you for your birthday…. the boobies cake with spotted bra…… icing may not have been perfect as i remember it running everywhere!

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